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Why leadership is the strongest marketing strategy right now: Transformation starts at the top. Consumers are looking for brands to help drive society forward. Marketing leaders can and should become organizations’ growth engines.
2020 has redefined the customer experience on many levels. What did brands learn from the past year that will change the future of customer experience?
Marketing strategies aiming to lighten up the mood can backfire if done the wrong way. How to adopt levity in line you’re your audience’s minds?
If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that nothing is certain. What does that mean for strategic marketing planning? How to prepare for the unexpected?
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Why being ready to adapt to disruption is key to be future-ready: With limited visibility, being agile is key to survivability. What are the strategies, tools, and processes that help marketers adjust to a world in flux?
Few stakeholders follow guidelines around transparency in paid influencers content. Why does it matter and how to do it right? The Advertising Business Group explains.
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MEmob explains how advertisers can maintain the highest levels of effectiveness when advertising online, in a world where third-party cookies are bound to disappear soon.

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Date: 18 & 19 May

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Managing Director
Co-Founder and CEO
Associate Director
Head of Marketing
SVP, Head of Digital, Marketing & Brand Strategy
MMP Worldwide
Global Client Leader- Nestlé
Wunderman Thompson
Senior Communications Director – Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Procter & Gamble
Head of Communications / Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability (PASS)
Bayer Middle East
Publicis Middle East
Head of Ecosystem & Agency Development | METAP


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