Kees Gawafa

Rani was continuously being outspent by its competitors in a fast growing Egyptian juice market, with a negative impact on its sales. We had to find a way to promote their new Guava flavor launch. We leveraged the Egyptians light heartedness & sarcasm, and created a campaign around a popular Egyptian expression, “Kees Gawafa” to reshape public opinion about Guava as a fruit and give it back its respect as one of Egypt’s best-loved flavors. The campaign over delivered on the sales, market share and share of shop targets successfully.


Infiniti was missing out on the region’s biggest market, KSA. Invisible for 3 years, we had to reestablish the brand in time for 3 new showroom openings & regain market share. Using Saudi Pride, we launched Infiniti from Saudis to Saudis with an activation that had Saudi families hosting Infiniti & tweeting about it. We generated over 20,000 retweets across the Kingdom. We increased our sales YoY by 265% in July 2015. Brand awareness increased to 90% & Infiniti is once again seen as a visionary brand in the Kingdom.

True White

Recently whitening toothpastes have been soaring within the market; other brands have all launched their whitening variants and have been competing ever since. Whitening category is largely cosmetic, luring consumers with emotional hopes. However, consumers have been unaware of how abrasive whitening toothpastes can be. Hence, causing sensitivity. True White was a unique opportunity to capitalize. It was the first whitening toothpaste in the region endorsed by dentists with a non-abrasive patented technology that helps remove stains and preventing new ones from forming.

Lurpak Cooks Range- Cooking up brand growth

This case study charts the successful launch of Lurpak Cooks Range, to a consumer who didn’t have a clue how to use the products, and who were timid when it came to experimenting with food. The approach was rooted in translating global creative asserts to the local audience, supported by a solid understanding of consumer behavior.