Perfect Harmony

To increase its association with music and its affinity with youth, Coca-Cola enhanced its Coke Studio platform making it cooler, more aspirational and more shareable. We signed on very popular artists as well as upcoming talents from across the Middle East and from the West.

  • Facebook fans: +63% to 5.2 million; +15% over target
  • Twitter followers: +269% to 135,000; +35% over target
  • Instagram followers: +474% to 500,000; +66% over target
  • YouTube views: +56% to 64 million; +7% over target
  • Positive sentiments: 96%
  • Music association: +5
  • Favouritism: +2
  • Brand love:  +0.1

The Performer

The Performer campaign turned the Chrysler 300 into a musical instrument.  The integrated campaign included a compelling 5 part TV campaign exploring, identifying and sampling the sounds of the Chrysler 300C.  The campaign was brought to life through technology led media including the region’s first playable posters and the world’s first retargetable print insert.  Through our digital channels, users could play the car’s sounds using their smartphone as a piano keyboard.  The car’s sampled sounds were mastered into a professional software musical instrument and sent to music producers.

A Journey of Women, Food and Change

In a society where women are still expected to conform and follow, MAGGI Diaries tell the stories of women who dare to dream, discover and achieve. It’s all about the power of women to make a positive change in the lives of people around them, revealed through a journey of cultural and culinary discovery, Whether it’s by trying a new cuisine or embracing a new life challenge, MAGGI Diaries is inspiration to women everywhere to take the first steps towards making a difference.