Creating more play in MENA

With THE FANTA GAMING MASTERS, a first-of-its-kind gaming platform across MENA, Fanta called teens across various cities in the region to hone and show their gaming skills.

It is an owned sustainable platform, across owned, earned, shared and paid media, that actively engages almost a million teens across the year.

Fanta’s volume increased +16% (KSA) and +13% (UAE). We significantly expanded the segment share with the highest ever growth for Fanta: 6% to 7% (KSA), 32% to 35% (UAE) and 34% to 38% (Egypt). And generated $1.2 million partnership value.

Mother To a Generation

Every day millions of moms nurture their children with their love and NIDO Nutrition. But there’s a generation of children who don’t have access to this nutrition.

We wanted to change this reality for them.

So we championed their cause with mothers and invited them to take a pledge at; for every pledge we promised to give 7 glasses of milk to children in need.

Within three months, nearly 1.4 million people pledged their support to provide 14 million glasses of milk to children in need of nutrition.

Fava Beans – The New Super Food

California Garden asked itself, how do we grow our brand when we’re already the market leader for canned fava beans?  We grow the category.

We discovered fava beans are a natural source of L Dopa, an amino acid that accelerates the production of human growth hormone.  In other words, our fountain of youth was sitting right in our very own kitchen.

Our strategy was there:  Break the story and watch California Garden Foul sales soar!

A Journey of Women, Food and Change

In a society where women are still expected to conform and follow, MAGGI Diaries tell the stories of women who dare to dream, discover and achieve. It’s all about the power of women to make a positive change in the lives of people around them, revealed through a journey of cultural and culinary discovery, Whether it’s by trying a new cuisine or embracing a new life challenge, MAGGI Diaries is inspiration to women everywhere to take the first steps towards making a difference.