90 Million Smiles

Chipsy’s place as market leader was being threatened as a rising number of smaller local competitors entered the market with aggressive promotions.  Our challenge was to create an incentive that would drive consumers to purchase Chipsy; and join our competitors on the promotion battleground. We put a smile on every pack; and instantly we created Egypt’s first emotional promotion where the consumer was not only guaranteed a prize but instantly received it at purchase point. The campaign was a success as we achieved double digit sales growth.

Let’s Open Up

To encourage people to remove labels and see without prejudice and to prove that we’re all the same, Coca-Cola removed people’s ability to see their differences with the world’s first Iftar in the dark and the first-ever label-less Coca-Cola cans.

  • 25,600 articles, reaching 100s of millions worldwide
  • Featured on leading worldwide news and media platforms
  • Most viral Ramadan video on YouTube with 16.8 million+ views
  • 2nd most viral ad globally till July 2015
  • International celebrities and influencers promoted the message
  • Earned media value: ~$30.7 million

Project Akshar (Alphabets) – Graduating Dubai’s labourers from blue-collar to white-collar

With SmartLife, an NGO for Dubai’s labourers, we created Project Akshar (Alphabets) to help labourers improve their status and quality of life.

First, we launched free English classes.

Then, to encourage labourers to enroll, we showed them how easy it is to learn English through creating an innovative visual learning technique.

Labour camps became Educational camps. Transport buses became School buses. Construction sites became Learning sites.

We extended their learning across contextual channels: flashcards, karaoke songs, print ads and bus shelters.

5000+ labourers have graduated from blue-collar to white-collar.