touch – Text If you can

In general, people are immune to the dramatics of public safety messages. So, how can we convince them that texting actually impairs driving…or anything else? In order to effectively reach an unconcerned audience we put the theory to the test by partnering with their celebrity icons and challenged them to text while doing what they do best on a 2-min live game show called TEXT IF YOU CAN.

And at the end of every episode, each celebrity related back their failure to the dangers of texting and driving in a personal message to their fans.

Over 3 weeks, the show aired on primetime across all TV stations. Fans immediately picked up on it and so did the media. The celebrities were interviewed on the most popular TV programs.

As a reaction to the campaign, Lebanon’s most popular news anchor opened primetime news while texting…and dedicated 20-minutes to it. Even the top-rated social program took the “text if you can!” challenge to the ground. Inviting people to play a car game while texting.