The Power of Family

A value based communication battle, market share can be gained, but brand health could be lost; and this is what the NPS has signified.

With the objective of regaining NPS leadership position and cutting through Ramadan, we went back to the very basic of advertising formulas.

It worked; leadership position has been regained by a 3 point gap after a 4 month drop. Ramadan battle was won, not only across the category, but across each and every single category in Egypt.

The Xperia Aquatech Store – The World’s First Underwater Store

To win the battle of attention for the launch of its Xperia Z3 flagship phone, Sony left the battlefield vs. the giants and created The World’s First Underwater Store.

Hundreds visited the store – from tech influencers, to the press and the public. In-store Wi-Fi let visitors tweet, record videos and share their experiences live.

  • $4,500,000+ worldwide earned media across 80 countries
  • 5,250,000+ social media video views
  • 225,000+ Facebook Likes
  • +21% Twitter followers
  • +4 points increase in brand preference
  • 91% positive brand sentiment score
  • 115% sales increase over targets

Control Free

Control Packages never spoke to the youth; we had to make a great effort to break through the already well-established perception of it being a product to the masses, to being a product that tailors to the youth, with the launch a full-fledged campaign, showing the youth a situation they all aspired too. A situation free of control, portraying an occasion where authority did not affect them, disregarding controls to make their own decision. We did so using a famous comedian that was relevant to them.