Creating more play in MENA

With THE FANTA GAMING MASTERS, a first-of-its-kind gaming platform across MENA, Fanta called teens across various cities in the region to hone and show their gaming skills.

It is an owned sustainable platform, across owned, earned, shared and paid media, that actively engages almost a million teens across the year.

Fanta’s volume increased +16% (KSA) and +13% (UAE). We significantly expanded the segment share with the highest ever growth for Fanta: 6% to 7% (KSA), 32% to 35% (UAE) and 34% to 38% (Egypt). And generated $1.2 million partnership value.

Those days are over

Kotex released a new sanitary pad. Girls rejected the quality and the packaging. They used social media to express their dissatisfaction, resulting in 45% drop in sales and a drop in equity.
Our challenge: Regain their trust with $40,000 & Sell 150,000 units in six months.

Our campaign focused on conversation, friendship, polls, and crowd-sourcing.

We created “Kay,” a virtual friend for the girls to befriend. She established a friendship with them & asked them to list the features of their perfect pad.

In four months, over 231,000 units were sold, exceeding our target by 54%. Facebook fans grew 27% in only two weeks. We reached 72% of our target.