Coca-Cola Middle East

To encourage people to remove labels and see without prejudice and to prove that we’re all the same, Coca-Cola removed people’s ability to see their differences with the world’s first Iftar in the dark and the first-ever label-less Coca-Cola cans.

  • 25,600 articles, reaching 100s of millions worldwide
  • Featured on leading worldwide news and media platforms
  • Most viral Ramadan video on YouTube with 16.8 million+ views
  • 2nd most viral ad globally till July 2015
  • International celebrities and influencers promoted the message
  • Earned media value: ~$30.7 million
  • +15% Brand Love, +51% Consumption

Project Akshar (Alphabets)

With SmartLife, an NGO for Dubai’s labourers, we created Project Akshar (Alphabets) to help labourers improve their status and quality of life.

First, we launched free English classes.

Then, to encourage labourers to enroll, we showed them how easy it is to learn English through creating an innovative visual learning technique.

Labour camps became Educational camps. Transport buses became School buses. Construction sites became Learning sites.

We extended their learning across contextual channels: flashcards, karaoke songs, print ads and bus shelters.

5000+ labourers have graduated from blue-collar to white-collar.

Love & Forget

Herbal Essences launched its brand-new Nature Collection across the Arab World, the first mass product inspired by Natural ingredients free of silicones, parabens and dyes.

Women in KSA our key market are not allowed to attend concerts in their market.

To reflect the novelty of the product we launched the first-ever interactive online concert in the Arab World entitled “Love and Forget” because we wanted women to fall in love with our nature collection and forget other products with parabens, silicones, and dyes. More than 50,000 people attended the concert which was a trending topic once announced.

Geo Plan

Link took the initiative to invest in a new infrastructure that will rid all egyptians from slow internet. But how can we communicate such news to our target who blocks any interrupting content?
we knew we had a challenge.. with an easy skip button, our target blocks everything
so based on the top keywords egyptians search for on youtube, we’ve customized our pre-roll ads to fit our target’s customized entertainment.

There Will Be Haters

#Therewillbehaters is a story about disrupting the conventions of football advertising by turning ‘hate’ into a product feature. We took on the social media trolls and converted them into our cause whilst selling our shiny new boots.